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I have made a booking, but I didn’t receive my tickets

Most bookings are instantly confirmed with tickets or vouchers sent to your email. If you haven’t received a payment confirmation on your email, then we first suggest to cross check the email address entered at the time of booking. If you have the booking reference number, you can use the chat with us option to change your email address. If you don’t have the booking reference number, please call us on this number, +97142352727 or chat with us, so our support heroes can assist you! If the booking you have made is not an Instantly Confirmed booking, your vouchers or tickets should reach your email within 15-20 minutes after you have completed the booking. Your tickets are confirmed by the local partners, so delays can be expected. 

Your tickets or vouchers may sometimes end up in the spam folder of your email. Please check the spam folder if you have not received mail in your inbox.